Intelligent Yacht Ownership

No matter what size yacht you buy, our ownership benefits are the same for everyone!

  • Guaranteed income of 9% annually, regardless of charter activity
  • Owner's use of up to 12 weeks per year
  • Access to other yachts or sister ships at destinations worldwide
  • Zero operating, insurance or maintenance costs
  • Professional maintenance by Sunsail included at no charge
  • A dedicated owner care team for your vacation planning and assistance

Program length, financing, and end-of-program options

  • Financing may be available through a Sunsail preferred lending institution. Financing options vary from country to country. Our sales team can explain the financing in detail.
  • The program lasts between five and six high seasons, depending on the location of the yacht.
  • At the end of the program, you can either take over the management and responsibilities of the yacht, sell her through our brokerage office, or discuss with us the availability of a "trade-in" towards the purchase of a new Sunsail yacht.

Owner Privileges

The greatest aspect of our program is having access to the best sailing destinations on the planet. You can sail your own yacht, or any yacht of similar size within the worldwide fleet at no cost. There's just a small turnover fee; contact our staff for details. If you prefer a larger yacht for a particular trip, just pay the difference in the brochure charter price between your size yacht and the larger one. Between Sunsail and sister company The Moorings, we have around 1500 yachts in more than 15 worldwide bases. View all of Sunsail's bases.